An Industrial Vocal Assistant: for whom, why and how?

Deployment of an industrial voice assistant: for what, why and how?

The answer by Simsoft industry

An Intelligent Vocal Assistant for your industry? What company does not dream of making a profit from the investments already made in its information systems… and win its race for industrial performance! Expectations are high. Reducing non-quality. Save time. Improving the safety of property and people. Decrease in MSDs. Comfort of workstations. Reliability of field information uplift.

The digitalization of the means of production has changed the habits at the workplace. The Industrial Vocal Assistant will revolutionize them.

En premier lieu, commencer par écouter vos techniciens et recenser tous leurs besoins.

In the industry, innovation approaches are often the result of two expressions of need: those of management (increased production, improvement in quality, …) and those of users (in our case: technicians, operators, shop managers, …). The distance between the expressed need and the possible solution is potentially very large. The role of innovation directorates is therefore to make the link between an expression of need and an innovative solution around intelligent voice support services at the workplace.

Paul needs help because:

  • He has to perform more and more complex tasks without deceiving me
  • The instructions for his work job are long and difficult to understand
  • The instructions change constantly
  • It needs to quickly access an increasingly voluminous and varied documentation
  • It has problems on the ground that it has to solve

Mary wants to work more comfortably because:

  • To capture what she’s doing on her tablet or computer:
    • She must stop the work it is doing
    • She has to leave her gloves or my equipment.
    • She has to walk to the computer station
  • Reading procedures, documents and paper or digitized plans is tedious
  • The seizure of its measures, observations, acquittals, incidents or non-compliances (REX) is repetitive
  • The post-entry of his intervention report is painful

Abdel no longer needs to secure his interventions because:

  • He performs dangerous tasks for himself, his colleagues or machines
  • The safety guidelines to be followed are numerous and complex
  • He must use a special tooling
  • The wearing of EPI is mandatory
  • Alerts can immediately stop or change my work
  • As soon as it loses the reality, an incident can happen

Laura always wants to improve because…

  • She likes the job well done
  • She wants to be effective in my work
  • She likes to understand why she’s doing an operation
  • She wants to get into competence faster on a task
  • She wants to be able to do more different tasks in her job

Ensuite, la recette est simple...

Take a leading French company in the field of Industrial Vocal Assistance

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has been developing Intelligent Voice Assistants for industry technicians for 7 years. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is an innovative company in the Toulouse ecosystem, committed to the operational implementation of artificial intelligence technologies for the benefit of industry development in Europe.

Choose the operations you want to improve:

Repetitive standard operations

  • Quality control
  • Equipment or machine setting
  • Secure installation or equipment
  • Inventory management
  • Inspection tour
  • Preventive/corrective maintenance

Dangerous operations

  • Nuclear dismantling
  • Nuclear maintenance
  • Electricity transport
  • Gas transport
  • Foundry
  • Handling hazardous materials

Complex, specific or rare operations

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Making special products
  • Assembling complex parts

Operations where hands and eyes of technicians are busy carrying out the task

  • Manual gear control / Robots
  • Suspended operations
  • Operations in confined environments

Operations requiring a detailed and standardized response report

  • Insurance reporting archive
  • Big Data/BI processing data production
  • Certified quality control

Add the ERP/MES or EAM/CMMS tools already in your company

SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, Microsoft, Epicor, Kronos, Totvs, UNIT4, YonYou, NetSuite, Kingdee, Workday, Cornerstone, Digiwin, ABB Ltd, Schneider Electric E.T, Siemens AG, Yokogawa Electric Corporation ,Dassault Systems SA, Emerson Electric Co., General Electric Co. Honeywell International Inc. ,IQMS, Rockwell Automation, HCL Technologies Limited, Accruent, eMaint, Dude Solutions, iOffice, IBM Maximo, Fiix Maintenance, Siveco, IFS, Spacewell, JDM Technology, MVP Factory, DPSI ,MRI (Real Asset Management), FasTrak, FMX, Sierra, Orion IXL Bhd, Ultimo JLL (JLL (Corrigo), EZOfficeInventory, CyberMetrics (Fac,iliWorks), Maxpanda, eWorkorders, Ashcom Technologies, Landport

Follow the “Spixify Your Industry” program specially made for you

To maximize the match between innovation and user need, the “Spixify Your Industry” program, dedicated to introducing an intelligent voice assistant to the workplace, was user-focused. It is also managed in agile mode.

This type of approach has several advantages:

  1. Involvement of users early in the development of the solution:

>Recovering feedback from developments in parallel.

  1. Early collection of changing needs or a new constraint:

>Immediate consideration in the development or updating of the solution,

>Adapting the solution based on the hard points encountered and the remaining technological locks.

This approach is available across the entire program:

  • From the acceleration phase(see partnership proposal)with milestones specifically dedicated to technicians.
  • During derision studies with multiple field appointments.
  • Throughout the integration project in the form of a recalcitrancing of dialogue activities.
  • During the field testing phase which can last several weeks.

The counterpart of this mode of operation is that it requires a strong involvement of end users throughout the project, and therefore their availability by their management. The latter must accept that field operators, technicians spend time defining their next work tool based on a voice assistant, and how they will have to implement it. Several meeting points are mandatory and require an adaptation of the work schedules of your technicians in order to participate.

Select a handful of SKILLS(Industrial Vocal Assistance Services)based on the smartest industrial voice assistant on the market

Choose from instructions, voice, communication or utilities:

Launch App., Calculator, Timer, Sign, Converter, Step, Rating – Choice, Information, Reader KM, Measure Num, Minute, Navigation, Validation, Alarm, Activity Point, Countdown, Consumable, Date and Time, Doc.ref, EPI, Chrono Inst, Explanations, Machine, Media.ref, Tool Plan.ref, WAKE

Add a hint of tablet or smartphone with a touch of headphones and microphone

Experience it all and you’ll radically change the user experience of your technicians.

Their work software suddenly goes:

  • Start talking,
  • To guide them in carrying out their tasks,
  • Understand their problems,
  • Help them make the right decisions,
  • Train them when necessary.

What are the documents that speak of electrovanes? Is there a picture of this welding defect? What’s a tors relay? How many subsets are in the press? Did I get a text? I want to send an email to Robert! I want to contact the welding expert. I want to take a picture of the problem! I’m running a 10-second time. Give me an alarm at 2:00! Start the video! Put her on a break! What do I have on my calendar this morning? How many pounds in pounds? The result of 6.2 – 7.9? What time is it? That’s where room X324Y12 on the plane! I want to see the picture of the key! The measurement is 3mm. What machine do I have to go to? It’s all broken. What am I supposed to do? The light is red and I can’t open the hatch. I want to see the user manual. What consumables do I have to take? Show me the plan! Go to the next step. The part is cracked at 30%. Do I have to take the wrench

SPIX understands and answers these questions. And so are many others!


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY supports you in your process of introducing Voice Support services into your existing applications. Get a roadmap validated by successful industrial experiments introducing a Vocal Assistant to your technicians’ workstations.

Achieving the challenge of its digital transformation. It’s now with SIMSOFT INDUSTRY voice assistants.