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Partner program: join and Spixs!

"Today, the question is no longer IF an intelligent voice assistant can revolutionize our industry, but HOW to integrate it into our production or maintenance processes"
Dominique Courtin, VALLOUREC

Partner Program from Simsoft industry

Take on the challenge
of your digital transformation.

Radically change the user experience of your technicians by integrating voice and dialog in Natural Language into your ERP/MES and EAM/GMAO software.

We are here to show you the way!

Introducing Voice and Intelligent Vocal Support for your technicians by maximizing your return on investment can seem complicated. You have already explored many technical solutions without really identifying the right method towards success.

The experience capitalized by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY allows us to provide you with global support in your approach to industrial innovation around the voice.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY’s program“Spixify Your Industry” helps you master your vocal innovation approach, understand the keys to success for your technicians’ membership, and value the benefits for your entire industry. 

Your industrial voice adventure starts here

More than just technology, learn how the Spixify Your Industry Program can change your company’s voice innovation dynamics.

Based on SIMSOFTINDUSTRY’s “Spix” technology platform, the “Spixify Your Industry” steps are your roadmap for a winning introduction of Vocal Assistance to your industry:

  • An Acceleration Program dedicated to the maturity of your company around the theme of Intelligent Voice Assistants for your technicians.
  • An Experimentation and Deployment Program to set up, integrate, experiment and deploy Voice Support services on your desktops and reap the full benefits.

At every stage of your voice adventure, your level of partnership with SIMSOFT INDUSTRY may change. From the early stages of discovery and development, to experimentation and operational deployment, acceleration and deployment programs take you from the Green Spixer partner to the PurpleSpixer partner.

Green Spixer

Through the dedicated Acceleration Program, explore the field of industrial voice support and mature with all the teams involved:
Preferred access to value content
Private webinars
Raising awareness of your teams
Analysis of your past experiences
Review of use cases

Blue Spixer

Important step of the Experimentation and Deployment Program, configure SKILLS, experiment with voice support technology in the field:
Experiment on a minimum viable product
Lifting locks
Determining KPI
Communication on a successful experience

Purple Spixer

The ultimate goal of the Experimentation and Deployment Program, deploy voice support for all your technicians in a true voice transformation process:
Operational deployment
Team training
Technical assistance
Driving change

Pink Spixer

Sustain your investments in Industrial Voice Assistance:
Taking a stake
Choice of directions
Financial security
Intellectual property control

Booster program

Program goal

The main objective of the Acceleration Program is to ensure your maturity on the subject of Industrial Vocal Assistance.

How the program works

Generic training activities:
Access to privileged documentation
Connecting with a dedicated “Partner Happiness Officer”
Webinars presentation and awareness
Access to the Private Blog of the “Spixify Your Industry” program

Climbing activities:
D1: General Training “Industrial Vocal Assistant”
J2: Methodology for formalizing a use case
D3: Data manipulated by a Voice Assistant
D4: Integration and Deployment

The acceleration program consists of training, raising awareness, raising skills, and identifying relevant use cases around Intelligent Vocal Assistance for your industry and your technicians.

Experimentation and deployment program

Program goal

The purpose of the Experimentation and Deployment Program is to quickly configure and integrate Voice Support services into your business, production or maintenance applications.

How the program works

Quickly develop and integrate Vocal Support services into your production or maintenance applications to test a viable minimum product in the field, and deploy it operationally to your technicians’ workstations.

Study headphone and micro hardware device
Performance study of voice recognition
Data structuring study
User Study
Writing Technical Specifications File
Organization Integration Project and Associated Costs

Based on the technical specifications file written in the previous step, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY provides the adaptation and integration of Smart Voice Assistance services in your business application in the form of a viable minimum product that can be used directly in the field by your technicians.

This is the most important step in the roadmap. This phase can last a day like several weeks or months and allows you to collect basic information to ensure the proper deployment of Intelligent Vocal Assistance services to your technicians.

The deployment of the product at the workplace involves the acquisition of software licenses, the purchase of hardware devices, the implementation of a training plan and maintenance in operational conditions, and the provision of configuration tools.

Each step
values your actions

Your “Spixify Your Industry” user experience is enhanced by high value-added content for your business.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY’s Spix technology platform allows you to gradually experience the benefits of Intelligent Vocal Assistance for your industry.

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