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Additional documentation: industrial voice assistant

Documentation by Simsoft industry

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY offers some additional information to help manufacturers in their digitalization process and the introduction of industrial voice support services for the benefit of their technicians.


The industry of the future seeks its voice

The European industry is committed to a high-speed digitalisation process. All sectors are impacted by different industrial innovations, many of which are developed in artificial intelligence. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY’s intelligent voice assistants are part of this digital wave that will change the way we work in the production and industrial maintenance sectors.

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An Industrial Vocal Assistant: for whom, why and how?

An Intelligent Vocal Assistant for your industry? What company does not dream of making a profit from the investments already made in its information systems… and win its race for industrial performance! Expectations are high. Reducing non-quality. Save time. Improving the safety of property and people. Decrease in MSDs. Comfort of workstations. Reliability of field information uplift.

The digitalization of the means of production has changed the habits at the workplace. The Industrial Vocal Assistant will revolutionize them.

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Criteria for evaluating the performance of a voice recognition solution for the industry

The University of South California offers a comparative study of the performance of different speech recognition software solutions. The main players in the field such as Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Kaldi for the open source part are analyzed according to a list of criteria.

In their study, the authors point out the importance of considering the use and context of using speech recognition to select the most appropriate solution. In this context, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY wishes to put this list of criteria in an industrial perspective, and explain the fundamentals of its“Spixify Your Industry”proposal.

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An Industrial Vocal Assistant for the nuclear industry with the support of the recovery plan

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY offers a Smart Vocal Assistance solution, adapted to the specific constraints of nuclear production, maintenance and deconstruction, with an ambitious aim of increasing the industrial performance of the sector. This solution leverages the Skills of Spix, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY’s Industrial Vocal Assistant.


The development, validation and implementation of this intelligent voice support solution for technicians and field operators in the nuclear industry is made possible serious in support of the French industrial recovery plan.

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