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What industrial criteria for evaluating speech recognition?

How to analyze the performance of speech recognition solutions adapted to the industry ?

The University of South California offers a comparative study of the performance of different speech recognition software solutions. The main players in the field such as Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Kaldi for the open source part are analyzed according to a list of criteria.

In their study, the authors point out the importance of considering the use and context of using speech recognition to select the most appropriate solution. In this context, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY wishes to put this list of criteria in an industrial perspective, and explain the fundamentals of its“Spixify Your Industry”proposal.

The use of voice, voice recognition and intelligent voice support is a new area for the industry. If the constraints associated with the use of these artificial intelligence technologies are well controlled in the general public, they should be revisited for industrial use. This is the mission that SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has been given for several years and which gives rise to the development of a technological offer and an associated methodology.

The technology offering consists of the development of intelligent voice support components based on artificial intelligence algorithms, embedded and compatible with industry constraints. The industrial voice assistant “Spix” is made of a catalogue of skills (unit services) intended to be integrated into the computer tools already deployed in the industrial sector.

The “Spixify Your Industry” methodology offer consists of supporting industrialists in the development of training and awareness, derision studies to lead to the development of a viable minimum product that can be used by operators in a production situation.

The operational use of voice in the industry, and intelligent voice support by production or maintenance operators requires this dual technical and methodological approach. Artificial intelligence applied to the industrial sector cannot save this consideration of the particular constraints related to the target area. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY becomes the leading European player in this field with the implementation of industrial voice support solutions at the workplace in the industry.

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