The textile industry is making its revolution 4.0!

Avec l’ICAM de Toulouse et l’UIT Textile, les industriel du secteur se regroupent pour préparer leur transformation numérique.

In January 2021, ICAM Toulouse and UIT-Textile are organising an awareness and co-creation seminar to promote the digitisation of the textile sector.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY and other manufacturers are exhibiting their innovation and know-how in the field of industry 4.0 in order to germinate ideas for developments.

The players at the seminar

Union of Textile Industries (UIT)

The Union of Textile Industries (UIT) is the spokesperson for the textile industry in France. It brings together 23 regional and sectoral organisations, representing 2,200 companies throughout the territory and throughout the production chain. These companies, mainly SMEs and ETIs, put their know-how at the service of diversified application markets (clothing, linen, health, personal protective equipment, aeronautics, building, packaging …). The UIT unites them around a collective vision of the sector’s issues.

UIT’s priorities and challenges are to support the redeployment of textile activity in France, to strengthen national coordination with its growth relays and to enhance the image of a sector that innovates with respect for people and the environment.

ICAM, school of engineers

The Icam offers 3 general engineering courses,on 6 campuses in France and 5 in the World (Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, India, DRC). It encourages semesters of study internationally, on its campuses but also with its partner universities: about fifty on all continents. Icam teaching is based on very strong humanist values, to train open, conscious, committed and life-involved engineers.


Fifteen textile manufacturers, under the aegis of a European project to enhance the sector, were able to discuss the challenges of the textile industry in the ongoing digital transformation.

The observation made by ICAM toulouse among the players in the field shows a French“delay”on the value chain of the digitalization of textile manufacturers. The seminar thus covered the entire digital transformation chain:

  • What is more value and what role for cobots in the textile industry of tomorrow? HumanRobotics presents the new generations of cobots capable of working in total cooperation with operators in production situations.
  • Can SIMSOFT INDUSTRY’s industrial voice assistants help operators with their quality control, machine maintenance or cobot interaction tasks? The company presents the main functions of its Spixvoice assistant, adapted to the constraints of the industry.
  • The management of the ERP’s digitization efforts at the CRM must be accompanied. InforSud and Welabs present their approaches.


The needs of the textile industry for digitalization are important. Depending on the areas covered, between industrial textiles and clothing, the answers be adapted.

It is the responsibility of solution providers to adapt their technologies and approaches to the field.


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