Spixify Your Industry – Make Voice Assistance a companion to your digital success

Spixify Your Industry

Make Voice Assistance a companion to your digital success

The programSpixify Your Industry offered by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY answers a simple question : 

« How to integrate services’AssistanceVocaleIntelligentin my business applications, forthe benefit ofmy technicians ? » 

This question is asked by industrialists who wish to win the bet of the digital transformation of their production or maintenance process.Current proceduresand budgets for implementing digital solutions as a ERP, a MES, a and CMMS are important. The expectations of industrial management are up to the challenge and the expense… 

The operators, the technicians, field workers are often a little confused by the arrival of these new technologies that’they do not all master perfectly. They feel like they're wasting time on this complex software. They don’t like to wear digital equipment that mobilizes their hands, while it’s their main tool.Finally, some lose confidence in the benefit of this digital transformation for their profession.  

Spixify Your Industry means to integrate functions of’AssistanceVocaleIntelligente deSpix (calledSpix.SKILLSinyour business software.These software are validated solutions, and on which you rely a lot for the overall improvement of your business performance.The integration ofSpix.SKILLS to these software allows to extend theur area of ​​useby your and of course teams of Technicians. 

Technicians and operators are no longer constrained by a screen, a mouse, or a keyboard to use their software. They can be 2 or 3 meters away, or far from IT support and interact with their work instruction, their work order, … 

Releasedr handsof your Operators and of your and of course teams of Techniciansthis is optimiser profitability of your digital investments ! 

The programSpixify Your Industry constitutes a clear roadmapdedicated to you, since the idea of ​​aAssistantVocalIndustriel, upTo operational deployment inwithins ateliers, surewithins sites of maintenance, in quality control, in inspection… This roadmap is offered in two parts : 

  • ABooster program dedicated to maturityof your teams around the theme of Intelligent Voice Assistants for technicians, andtoformalizing the expression ofyourneed. 
  • AExperimentation and Deployment program to integrate, experiment and deploy Voice Assistance services at workstations withins technicians, and reap all the benefits. 

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY brings a breakthrough innovation with operational solutions for Intelligent Voice Assistance for technicians in the industry. The companyproposeof themethodsinnovativees foryouto accompanywith your and of course teams of Technicians, inyour adoption process of thisnewstechnology. 


Press Contact : Laura PALACIN, laura.palacin@simsoft-industry.fr, 05 31 61 85 10 / 06 26 84 55 58

AboutSIMSOFT INDUSTRY(www.simsoft-industry.com & www.spix.ai)

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the first 100% Intelligent Voice Assistant dedicated to Industry 4.0 technicians. The intelligent voice assistantSPIX is operational under industrial conditions of use. The programs « Spixify Your Industry» of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women at the heart of industrial production with assistants specialized in operator voice guidance, the measurement reading, Quality Control, and the hot-structuring their feedback.

SPIX is a trademark and a registered design of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY (INPI Ref : 19 4 528 622 and 19 4 528 627)

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