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Add a Smart Voice Assistant to your production or maintenance software tools

Spixify your Industry by Simsoft industry

Integrate the voice and the smart assistance of Spix in your software ERP/MES and EAM/and CMMS through a set of services tailored to your business.

Make the most of the challenge of your digital transformation

Discover the key elements of Spixify Your Industry to radically change the digital user experience of your technicians :

  • the profits for your industry and your technicians,
  • The essential components a Smart Voice Assistant for the industry,
  • The “turnkey” voice services” for your business applications.

Powered by Spix

Make Voice Assistance a companion to your digital success

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY provides you with the right methods and tools for a successful introduction of Smart Voice Assistance services into your existing software applications.

Benefit from a validated roadmap, already tested out to help technicians to adopt and use a Smart Voice Assistant at their workstation in their daily tasks.


Industrial benefits

Meet the challenge of the digital transformation of your business

Maximize the use of digital tools by your technicians

Maximize the use of tablets and smartphones already available

Maximize the return on investments already made in your digital ERP / MES tools, and EAM / GMAO tools

Maximize your knowledge of your assets and enable BigData and predictive analyzes with more field data collection


Technician benefits

Restore the confidence in the digital transformation of his/her company

Work hands free, and safe, keep PPE on

Focus on high added value tasks, related to your expertise

Simplify the use of digital tools: MES, and CMMS

Avoid wearing digital devices such as tablets or smartphones

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Your production or maintenance digitalization tools


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You already use IBM Maximo ?
Take action with “Spixify Your Maximo”

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Key components of an industrial Smart Voice Assistant

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY masters all the elements necessary for the implementation of Intelligent Voice Assistance solutions for your technicians.

The Smart Voice Assistant “Spix” integrates all of these components.


Speech Recognition ( ASR )


Conversationnel Agent

Knowledge bases

Linguistic resources

Private Wake-Up Word

Hardware Devices

User's acceptability

Noise constraints

Integration with existing tools

Configuration Tools

Work instructions

Spix : a smart voice assistant developed for the industry

Natural conversation

Supports complex phrases and meaningful sentences
The Smart Voice Assistant Spix allows your technicians to speak in natural language to trigger multiple actions or collect a set of information, as if they were speaking to their colleague at work.

Robustness in the working environment

Robust to the factory noise and to the accent of your technicians

Spix and its associated audio devices have been developed to support the constraints of your work environment : noise, humidity, heat, dust, required PPE, prohibited frequency bands…

Understanding of your business

Integrate your business terms, synonyms, contents of procedures, operating process and work instructions

Spix allows your technicians to use all the words and expressions related to their profession and expertise. It feeds from work instructions and all associated technical documentation.

Contextual intelligence

Interprets the words spoken by the operator according to the context

Spix understands the voice requests of a technician depending on the context of work, of a machine state, system data or tasks already performed, and those to be done next.


Spix.SKILLS : Voise Services as a "turnkey" solution for your industrial applications

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY offers business services called SPIX.SKILLS which can be quickly integrated in your ERP / MES or EAM / CMMS field software.

Contact us for any specific request on customized SKILLS for your business, your existing applications and your technicians.   

Present in each of the SKILLS, our voice assistant Spix combines the key technologies necessary for its operational implementation :

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR),
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU),
  • Dialog Manager (DM)
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)

at the service of your technicians.

Work instructions - business services

Voice control - general services

Seeking information - search services

Ease the life at work - utility services

Internal communication - communication services

Spix.SKILLS to better use your existing business software

The integration of Spix.SKILLS Smart Voice Assistance functions in your business software allows you to extend their field of use.

Your technicians and operators are no longer constrained by a screen, a mouse, or a keyboard to use their software. They can be 2 or 3 meters away, or far from IT support and interact with their work instruction, their work order, …

Free the hands of your technicians, and optimize the profitability of your digital investments !

Spix.SKILLS on demand: create your voice assistant, suitable for your technicians

Depending on your industry, your technicians and your business application, build your own Smart Voice Assistant from a unique combination of Spix.SKILLS.

Some examples of SKILLS combinations, provided for illustration purpose only…

Quality Control Voice Assistant

You wish to offer a Voice Assistant to your Quality Control operators.

Their main tasks are to measure values with tolerances, validate surface conditions and report anomalies. They check for known defaults with a database of pictures.

They often convert between the measurements they take and the values ​​to be entered in your business application.

They often call a colleague to ask him for advice, or to confirm the first assessment.

Voice Assistant for Inspection

You wish to offer Vocal Assistance functions to your inspection operators for critical installations.

They wear PPE. Their job is to observe industrial installations by following a safety control sheet.

They are required to take photos of the observed anomalies.

They can search the company's database for reference documents useful for their actions.

Parts Assembly Voice Assistance

You want to offer a Smart Voice Assistant to your operators in charge of complex parts assembly.

Their main tasks are to assemble different parts according to specific steps and drawings. Each step is explained, with assembly plans, and the necessary tools.

They report the number of elementary parts used for each operation, in order to manage the stock.

Certain stages are annotated by colleagues. These annotations contain points of attention on critical manipulations during the assembly.

Many steps use combinations of adhesives. The drying and setting times of the adhesives are hard to control. They would love to have access to countdown timers to help them.

On key steps of assembly, they must refer to an expert to validate the quality of the assembly, and proceed with the next steps.

To ease their adoption and their work with the Voice Assistant, a wake-up word specific to their workshop is set up.

Voice for Machine Maintenance

You wish to offer a Vocal Assistant to your maintenance operators, dedicated to your fleet of machines.

Their job is to carry out machine maintenance, following specific steps and a dynamic schedule. Each step is explained, with reference planes, and the specifics of the machines.

They validate the process of a maintenance, and eventually report a comment on specific steps for further improvement.

They often need to calculate hourly rates, from measured flux: a simple calculator is useful to them.

All your technicians are different, some appreciate a fast voice rate from their Voice Assistant, others prefer a slow rate. When they are in noisy environments, they want the assistant to speak louder.