Industrial Voice Assistance services dedicated to field inspectors

Industrial Voice Assistance services dedicated to field inspectors

The field inspection techniciancarries outobservations and technical and normative verifications with a view to monitoring, regulatory compliance and equipment reliability, materials, industrial facilities and buildingsproduction or welcoming the public. He writes a report of his inspections. Inspection tasks can be performed under complex conditions : noise, humidity, lack of network, … 


Make theinspection operations of critical installations and a major security issue industrial, and the safety of facilities that welcome the public. 


The operationsfield inspection perform the following tasks : 

  • Evaluation compared to the reference : The operatord’inspection terrainobserveanalyze and classify a fault, compared to a reference or a standard, ... Its analysis can bemotivated by pictures, photos or planss of the expected situation. 
  • Compliance status report: The inspection reportfield contains all the compliance or non-compliance information for the inspected installation. This report classifies the level of non-conformities compared to the expected, possibly the level of seriousness of the non-compliance if the installation is critical or intended for public reception. 


A Vocal Assistant to help you consult reference media, and the generation of field observation reports, makes the operations of field inspectors more reliable. 

To build a Vocal Assistant dedicated toow field inspectors, ddifferent SKILLS ofSpix littlecan be combined and integrated into your business applications to provide supporteffectiveto the realizationof the inspection report, completely, argued and augmented with photos 

The Spix.SKILLAverageReference allows the technician to ask to consult a reference image on a fault or a particular step of his procedure. This image can help him better qualify the state of the system being inspected.. No need to carry your tablet, or return to the computer station : he asksSpix to consult the photo in reference and view it remotely.

Spix.SKILLComment helps the technician in generating his reporton the status of the installation. He can declare vocallynon-compliant items, motivate your choice, assign a level of severity or urgency for compliance.Voice interaction allows the technician to stay focused on his observations without being disturbed by computer interactions. 

Spix.SKILL-Camera Control allows you to trigger the photo remotely. Widely used by tourists to trigger selfie taking… This functionis greatly appreciated by technicians when they wear protective gloves when performing their inspection tasks. 

The integration ofSpix.SKILLS in your business applications allows you to developaIndustrial Voice Assistant for’inspection, whoallows to helpyour technicians inthe generation of compliance of installations controlleds, in order to reducetheir constraintsrelated to digital applications for which its disposent.  

  • Hands free : yourfield inspectors can achievetheir work keepinghands free and go up their conformity assessment to their information system by voice. 
  • Real time : without seeing the need to leave your workstation toto note a value, an observation, your techniciansfeedback their observations by voice in real time. 
  • Contextual intelligence : technicians’inspection terraincan ask their voice assistant for a photo, a reference image, to help them in their analysis. 


Add industrial voice assistance services to your business software to fstabilize the ascent of’inspectionterrain, andget informationstructuredin real time. 


TheSpix.SKILLS are programs vocaux interactives unitary, which allowstent to establish a dialogue between a user and your business applications onof the fields technique like quality control. These programsinteractive vocalsallow the integration ofSpix in your business software. 

The programSpixify Your Industry allows you to go from the idea to the deployment ofSpix.SKILLS integrated into your business software and applications. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY supports you with an industrial method, and show you the voice. 


Press Contact : Laura PALACIN,, 05 31 61 85 10 / 06 26 84 55 58


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the first 100% Intelligent Voice Assistant dedicated to Industry 4.0 technicians. The intelligent voice assistantSPIX is operational under industrial conditions of use. The programs « Spixify Your Industry» of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women at the heart of industrial production with assistants specialized in operator voice guidance, the measurement reading, Quality Control, and the hot-structuring their feedback.

SPIX is a trademark and a registered design of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY (INPI Ref : 19 4 528 622 and 19 4 528 627)

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