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SIMSOFT INDUSTRY developsIntelligent Voice Assistants for Industry Technicians 4.0. Innovative company, engaged in the operational implementation of technologies derived from artificial intelligence for the benefit of the development of industry in Europe, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is market leader.


Today & rsquo; hui, the question is no longer whether an intelligent voice assistant can revolutionize your industry, but HOW to integrate it into your production or maintenance processes.


Since its creation in 2013, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY leads an R effort&D important to develop operational solutions and provide companies with tools adapted to the business of production, of the’inspection and some maintenance.  These developments are carried out in partnerships with users final, maintenance technicians, metrology operators, quality control inspectors in order to respond in a relevant way to their expectations.


The program “Spixify Your Industry” responds to industrialists' request to be guided as part of a roadmap for the introduction of Voice Assistance solutions for their technicians.


For several years, with multiple programs “Spixify Your Industry” carried out with leading industrial partners, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has developed a technological solution based on Spix.SKILLS and an unique expertise on the introduction of these Intelligent Voice Assistants to the workstations of industry technicians. The company's unique expertise consists in understanding and mastering all of the industrial constraints to consider, and above all to integrate the expectations of end users in a “user-centric” approach, to carry out the introduction of this type of innovation in the industry.


There are multiple industrial constraints : the noise, network access, data confidentiality, operator acceptability, are key to the success of an approach structured around the “Spixify Your Industry” program.


The Smart Voice Assistant Spix of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY increases the potential for using existing tools in the industry (APRISO, IBM Maximo, SAP, … and in-house business applications) by adding voice interaction with the operator. Voice interaction frees technicians' hands, frees the technician from the constraint of IT support, and restored operator confidence in the digital transition underway in the industry.


Take advantage of the SIMSOFT INDUSTRY experience and radically change the user experience of your technicians by integrating voice and natural language dialogue in your ERP / MES and EAM / CMMS software.


In March 2013, Leny TURMEL (Research and Development Director), André Joly (General manager) and Philippe Crespin (President) create the SIMSOFT INDUSTRY software editor to develop an Intelligent Voice Assistant, 100% dedicated to the technicians 4.0.

This wizard called Spix, it finds its operational application for operators in the industry in the integration of Spix.SKILLS in software and business applications of industrial customers SAP type, APRISO, IBM MAximo, and so many others. A tailor-made program “Spixify Your Industry” provides a framework for the introduction of this type of innovation for technicians in the industry.

Today & rsquo; hui, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY brings together a team of software development experts, natural language dialog experts, ergonomics, design and project management to transform the test (we are from Toulouse !) in France and in Europe.