Spix: a Smart Voice Assistant for the technicians and frontline workers of the industry 4.0

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY unveils   its Smart Voice Assistant 100% dedicated to industrial performance.

The SPIX Intelligent Vocal Assistant propels SIMSOFT INDUSTRY to the world’s leading provider of operational solutions for industry 4.0 technicians.

Spix: the first intelligent voice assistant dedicated 100% to industry technicians

Spix is the heart of our industrial voice applications, representing intelligence for the benefit of industry technicians. The development of the Spix brand and its associated services (SKILLS) will enable SIMSOFT INDUSTRY to reach a wide industrial audience, sensitive to innovation, technological disruption and eager to introduce voice and voice assistants in their workshops.”explains André JOLY, COO of the company

With the “Spixify Your Industry” program associated with the development of Spix technology, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY addresses all the questions posed by manufacturers in relation to the introduction of Intelligent Vocal Assistance services for technicians.

The most common questions to address in a“Spixify Your Industry”program are:

  • Is Spix Intelligent Voice Assistance usable by my technicians? They work in noise, they are not always connected, …
  • Should my existing MES or GMAO application be replaced? I have already invested a lot of time and resources, and yet these solutions are not always used to the fullest.
  • What time and process is necessary to ensure that voice support solutions are accepted by my technicians?