COVID-19: an Industrial Vocal Assistant for what?

An exceptional situation

The industry in Europe needs to think differently about the ways of working of its technicians. Among all the questions that arise, the following three interest SIMSOFT INDUSTRY:

  • How can we work effectively as a team in a production workshop, on a construction site while maintaining 2 meters of distance between employees? The environment is noisy, open spaces are rare, distances between machines are low, …
  • How can we ensure the transmission of instructions, the transfer of information between two teams, the training by an expert in a context of alternating teams, and the removal of places of regrouping?
  • How can we ensure the protection of technicians and operators who have to share IT resources? A touch screen is complex to clean between each user…

With its offer of Spix.SKILLS (Intelligent Vocal Assistance Services for Industry Technicians), SIMSOFT INDUSTRY   can be a force of proposal, adapting the tools used by technicians, and transforming the production of tomorrow.

An innovative response

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY offers Intelligent Vocal Assistance services for industry technicians. These Spix.SKILLS allow a technician to interact through voice with his digital environment.

For example, the Spix.SKILL Measure allows a digital measurement to be traced by voice to the company’s information system. The Spix.SKILL Information provides access to the description of the instruction associated with a work order.

  • Spix.SKILLS’s set of services ensures that the right information is transmitted at the right time,and that structured and quality information is traced back to the information system.
  • Finally, the use of voice allows a contactless interaction between the operator and an information system.

To implement a voice interaction between a technician and a business application, such as IBM MAximo, SAP or 3DS Arpiso, the technician is equipped with a headset and microphone. The headset allows you to hear the Vocal Assistant’s instructions and answers. The microphone allows you to call the Vocale Assistant, and to pass on the requested answers.

Some Spix.SKILLS can also be used to communicate in a factory, in a workshop. For example, the Spix.SKILL Contact allows you to get in touch with a co-worker, if they are on the same site, and connected to their voice assistant. The Spix.SKILL Expert allows you to contact a business expert, always if he is on the site, and connected to his voice assistant.

  • Spix’s hardware and functions allow two employeesto communicate in noisy environments while staying away from each other.
  • A technician   may seek help from an identified business expert to help him or her while maintaining regulatory health distances.

Let’s prepare for the future…

The“Spixify Your Industry”program offered by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY provides manufacturers with a clear roadmap from the idea of introducing Intelligent Vocal Assistance solutions for industry technicians to their operational implementation at the workplace.

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