Voice seeks its way into the industry

Voice seeks its way into the industry

Very popular in the general public, voice assistants are still little present in the professional environment. But some sectors of industrial activity and services are beginning to remain this new way of communicating between humans and machines.

To help manufacturers in their rise to maturity on Industrial Vocal Assistance, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY offers the“Spixify Your Industry”acceleration program. A comprehensive roadmap, from the idea of Vocal Assistance for your company’s technicians, to the operational deployment of Intelligent Vocal Assistance (Spix.SKILLS) services in the business applications of your operators and technicians.

An article: the AGILITY effect


In the industry, the Occitan company SimSoft Industry has developed an Intelligent Vocal Assistant Spix for “Industry Technicians 4.0”. For the time being, the main use of voice technology in industrial settings remains the assistance to maintenance technicians, for example to maintain an energy distribution network.

Us start-up iT Speex has also developed a voice assistant to control machine tools.

But before we see lines of voice-driven industrial robots, regulations will have to evolve, as this technology is not yet included in ISO standards, and operators will have to be shown that this new interface really facilitates their work, while training them in vocabulary learning techniques so that the voice assistant understands their queries.


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