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Spixify Your Apriso

Spix.SKILLS integration for 3DS DELMIA APRISO

Spixify Your APRISO by Simsoft industry

Optimize your production with DELMIA APRISO

... and maximize its use by your technicians by adding intelligent voice support services

DELMIA Apriso: solutions for the piloting and traceability of manufacturing operations.

DELMIA Apriso manufacturing operations management solutions help manufacturers transform their global production operations to achieve sustainable operational excellence. To achieve this, the visibility, control and timing of manufacturing operations and supply chain processes are improved internationally.

The result is greater flexibility and constant improvement throughout the company and in the global supply chain. Manufacturers can establish a common set of operational procedures that can be created, managed and governed holistically on a global scale.

Why Spixify Your Apriso?

The addition of a proximity Intelligent Vocal Assistance service to 3DS DELMIA APRISO expands the capabilities of your technicians to use the software.

3DS DELMIA APRISO can be used by operators to help them with the execution and follow-up of their tasks. The software can be installed on PC, tablet or smartphone. But…

  • If the operator has safety gloves, the use of touch mode is complex,
  • If the technician is not in front of his screen, he must go back and forth to confirm his measurements,
  • The tablet is often poorly accepted: heavy, bulky, mobilizes an arm, …

3DS DELMIA APRISO is therefore not always used to the best of its capabilities by production or maintenance technicians. The industrial consequence is that the data collected is not always of good quality, rarely collected in real time, sometimes missing, or poorly structured.

The addition of a Smart Voice Assistant to 3DS DELMIA APRISO allows:

  • Free the hands of operators,
  • Make the use of the software simple and natural,
  • Reduce low-value-added time for software use,
  • Reassure the technician in his digital experience.

Expanding the scope of 3DS DELMIA APRISO through the addition of local Intelligent Vocal Assistance services means allowing the technician to continue using the software at 3 meters, or away from his computer support.

Voice interaction with DELMIA APRISO becomes natural for your technicians.


You know Dassault Systemes well, you have been using their solutions for several years. The legitimate question you ask is:

Why not use Dassault Systemes’ smart support features as EXALEAD?

We suggest you make the most of EXALEAD’s capabilities!
EXALEAD allows manufacturers to collect, reconcile and enrich very large volumes of data, whether internal or external, structured or not, simple or complex, to give users personalized information. These solutions transform large volumes of multi-source heterogeneous data into real-time, intelligent and relevant information, enabling users to improve their business processes and gain a competitive advantage.

This business data analysis is very powerful, and can be exploited by all your technicians at the workplace. Is that the case today?

The integration of a Vocal Assistant that manages the expert operator/system interface like EXALEAD simplifies the user experience of your technicians. That’s what SIMSOFT INDUSTRY offers you to do!

The voice support proposed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY allows you to manage the interface between the technician and the DELMIA APRISO environment and more: the logistics of the last few inches!

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY takes a user-centered approach. That is, all the constraints related to the position or the work environment are taken into account. The main constraints are:

  • Noise: A voice assistant must be effective in very noisy industrial environments.
  • PPEs: Audio equipment (helmet/microphone) must be compatible with the PPE (gloves, helmet, earplug) already worn by technicians.
  • Network connection: Some operations are in “white areas” of the network, in workshop situations or outdoor inspections.
  • Dataprivacy:The introduction of a Vocal Assistant at the workstation should not introduce a security breach in industrial data management.
  • Operatoracceptability: there is no point in proposing a technology that is not adopted by technicians and considered a real working tool.

The added value of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is to take into account all of these constraints, all available technologies, and to provide an operational solution coupled with 3DS DELMIA APRISO at the workplace.

Integration principle with 3DS DELMIA APRISO

The interface between SIMSOFT INDUSTRY’s Spix Voice Intelligent Assistant and Dassault Systemes’ software MES solution is by delegation.

The principle of delegation is simple:

  • Your technicians remain in control of the game with DELMIA APRISO who manages their interventions, the list of work instructions, their identification: all the tasks that must be carried out in a manufacturing or production process.
  • Whenever they wish, they can ask DELMIA APRISO to“delegate the interface”of these instructions to their Spix Vocal Assistant.
  • From this moment on, Spix becomes aware of the context of the tasks to be performed (tasks, measurements, observations, compliance, etc.) and offers a“vocal tunnel”to your technicians to allow them to work remotely from the physical computer support and the DELMIA APRISO interface.
  • At the request of your technicians, or at a stopping point defined in the work instruction, Spix ends the delegation, restores the entire context made vocally to DELMIA APRISO.

The interface is performed at the light customer level of DELMIA APRISO to ensure greater compatibility of Spix’s voice interactions with the back office of DELMIA APRISO. In other words, DELMIA APRISO remains solely responsible for managing the data handled by your technicians.


Soon a demonstration with 3DS DELMIA APRISO…

Meanwhile, a demonstration of Spix’s services in IBM Maximo in the field of maintenance. The operator cannot see his screen, he performs all his operations guided by the Vocal Assistant and checks his report at the very end of the intervention.

  • Work instruction is mastered by IBM-Maximo. During the delegation, this context of intervention is transmitted to Spix.
  • During the intervention, the operator also uses ancillary services such as a SKILL stopwatch for example.
  • The information collected by Spix vocally is transmitted in real time to IBM Maximo.

Action plan

The Spixify Your Apriso program aims to quickly deploy Intelligent Vocal Assistance services in your 3DS DELMIA APRISO production application, ensuring the acceptability of your technicians.

  • Step 1: Understanding and specification of need
  • Step 2: Integration of selected SKILLS
  • Step 3: Field experimentation with your technicians
  • Step 4: Operational deployment with your IT

To go further... in 3D

Why not give all your technicians the power of 3DEXPERIENCE at their workstations?

3DEXPERIENCE provides a real-time view of business activity and the business ecosystem by connecting people, ideas and data in a collaborative environment that enables businesses and individuals to innovate through new ways.

Imagine a workshop where technicians and operators access their 3DEXPERIENCE with the help of an Intelligent Vocal Assistant?