Spixify Your Industry Acceleration Program SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is here to show you the voice!

Spixify Your Industry

Make Voice Assistance a companion to your digital success

Introduce Voice and Intelligent Voice Assistance forof the technicians by maximizingthe return on investmentof the industrialist can youseem complicated. The experience capitalized by SIMSOFT INDUSTRYyouallowsto benefit from’aglobal program’support inyour innovation around the voice. 

Spixify Your Industry offered by SIMSOFT INDUSTRYgives you thea masterydit is Stepss vocal innovation dyears industry, the keys to success for a membership of withins technicians, andallows you to value the benefitsexpected. 

Your adventureindustrial voice begins with acceleration 

Everyone knows the general public voice assistants ofGlassesSome masterynt their abilities, theirdialogical relevance, and their response rate to a question setsOn the other handare you sure understand whyat present, these technologies doare not directlyapplicableat your industrial field. Consequently, l’expression ofyourneed for an operational solution of Intelligent Voice Assistance foryour technicians in a production workshop becomes very complicated toformalize 

With Spixify Your IndustrySIMSOFT INDUSTRYyouoffers aacceleration program dedited at maturityof your teams around the theme of Intelligent Voice Assistants forthe and of course teams of Technicians. This acceleration program is the porte entering the world ofAssistantsVocalsIindustrial smart. 

Theacceleration program covers all the key themes of the’AssistanceVocale Industrial : 

  • training on industrial voice assistance
  • study and formalization of relevant use cases
  • questions about’integration andto thedata 
  • study ofit isequipments, dit isinstructions of work, 
  • demonstration andfirstelements ofdialogues 

Theacceleration program consistssoto train, sensitization, knowledge of your team raising, and identify relevant use cases around Intelligent Voice Assistanceinyour industrial context, in terms of withins environments and tasksof workof withinsand of course teams of Technicians. 


Press Contact : Laura PALACIN, laura.palacin@simsoft-industry.fr, 05 31 61 85 10 / 06 26 84 55 58

AboutSIMSOFT INDUSTRY(www.simsoft-industry.com & www.spix.ai)

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the first 100% Intelligent Voice Assistant dedicated to Industry 4.0 technicians. The intelligent voice assistantSPIX is operational under industrial conditions of use. The programs « Spixify Your Industry» of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women at the heart of industrial production with assistants specialized in operator voice guidance, the measurement reading, Quality Control, and the hot-structuring their feedback.

SPIX is a trademark and a registered design of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY (INPI Ref : 19 4 528 622 and 19 4 528 627)

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