Spix SKILLS for Quality Control

The Spix.SKILLS Measurement and Observation

Industrial Voice Assistance services dedicated to quality controllers

The quality controller checks and certifies the conformity of the manufactured parts or raw materials with the technical reference of his company. He intervenes at all stages of the production line. Thanks to its expertise, it analyzes the conditions for retouching or rejecting a product.


Make the information feedback from your quality controllers more reliable, and having their field feedback in real time is a key factor in improving your industrial performance.


Quality control operations implement two important human capacities:

  • The observation and the touch: The quality control operator observes, touch, analyze and classify a fault, a stripe, a depression on a part, … He appreciates the seriousness of it, then feeds this information back into quality tracking software.
  • Performing physical measurements: The quality control technician performs physical measurements of dimensions, roughness, of temperature, pressure or tension… He notes these numerical values, then reassembles them in production monitoring software.

Free the hands and eyes of your quality control technicians with an industrial voice assistant that helps them feed their field readings back to your information systems.


To build a voice assistant dedicated to quality control, different SKILLS from Spix can be combined and integrated into your business applications to provide effective support for performing quality control tasks.

Spix.SKILL-Mesure to return a numerical value by voice. The context of use of Spix.SKILL-Measure possibly contains the expected units of the measure, min-max bounds or tolerances, the last measured value… as much data which allow the quality control technician to validate the measured value and to make his information more reliable.

The Spix.SKILL-Evaluation/Choix allows to inform the quality of an observation. The information associated with the SKILL-Evaluation / Choice are scales of 1 to 10, fault characteristics, or states of a system. The voice statement of these states allows the operator to be efficient in recording his visual observations.

The measurement tools do not always work in the same units as the software used for information on values. The Spix.SKILL-Convertisseur allows the technician who takes his measurements to convert them to a different unit before recording it in his information system.

The integration of Spix.SKILLS in your business applications allows you to develop an industrial Voice Assistant for quality control that helps your technicians in the feedback of information, observations and measurements, in order to reduce their constraints related to the digital applications available to them.

  • Hands free: your quality control operators can carry out their measurements with their instruments, keeping your hands free and sending the measurement values ​​directly to their information system by voice.
  • Real time: without seeing the need to leave your workstation to write down a value, an observation, your technicians report their observations by voice in real time.
  • Contextual intelligence: quality control technicians can ask their voice assistant for a photo, a reference image, to help them in their analysis.


Add industrial voice assistance services to your business software to ensure reliable field data feedback, and get real-time information.


The Spix.SKILLS are unitary interactive voice programs, which allow you to establish a dialogue between a user and your business applications in technical areas such as quality control. These interactive voice programs allow the integration of Spix in your business software.

The program Spixify Your Industry allows you to go from the idea to the deployment of Spix.SKILLS integrated into your business software and applications. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY supports you with an industrial method, and show you the voice.


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SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the first 100% Intelligent Voice Assistant dedicated to Industry 4.0 technicians. The intelligent voice assistantSPIX is operational under industrial conditions of use. The programs « Spixify Your Industry» of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women at the heart of industrial production with assistants specialized in operator voice guidance, the measurement reading, Quality Control, and the hot-structuring their feedback.

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