Les Spix.SKILLS de SIMSOFT INDUSTRY: Intelligent Voice Assistance integrated into technicians' tools


Intelligent Voice Assistance integrated into the digital tools of industry technicians

Free the hands of your technicians and allow them to interact in natural language with your business software, it is possible with Spix l’Assistant Vocal Intelligent de SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.

Spix is a Smart Voice Assistant 100% dedicated to industry technicians

So that your technicians work efficiently with the help of a Voice Assistant, and that it is Intelligent in their work context, it must have characteristics specific to industrial applications:

  • Natural conversation: The Spix Intelligent Voice Assistant allows your technicians to speak in natural language to trigger several actions or collect a set of information, as if they were talking to their co-worker.
  • Robustness to the work environment: Spix and its associated audio devices have been developed to support the constraints of your work environment : noise, humidity, heat, dust, required PPE, prohibited frequency bands, …
  • Understanding of your business: Spix allows your technicians to use all the words and expressions used in their trade. It feeds from work instructions and all associated technical documentation.
  • Contextual intelligence: Spix understands the voice requests of a technician according to his work context, of a machine state, system data or tasks already performed, and those to be done next.

The Spix.SKILLS are unitary interactive voice programs, which allow a dialogue to be established between a user and your business applications in technical areas. These interactive voice programs allow the integration of Spix in your business software.

The combination of different Spix.SKILLS allows you to create a complete Intelligent Voice Assistant for the work context of a technician, according to the tasks for which he is responsible.

Example: SKILLS assembly for Quality Control

You offer Voice Assistance to your Quality Control operators, integrated into their business application.

  • Their main tasks are to measure values with tolerances « SKILL Measure», validate surface conditions « SKILL Validation » and report anomalies « SKILL Evaluation ».
  • They check for faults on the basis of photos « SKILL Media».
  • They often convert between the measured value and the values ​​to be entered in your business application that specifies dedicated units « SKILL Converter».

They often call a colleague to ask him for advice, or to confirm the first assessment « SKILL Appeal ».

The Spix.SKILLS cover all of the technical functions of your technicians:

  • Work instructions : Voice Assistance services linked to the work instructions of your operators. These SKILLS are intended to be integrated into your applications to allow your operators to manage their interactions by voice; take measurements by voice, ask for an explanation on a given step, …
  • Voice : services dedicated to controlling the vital functions of your Vocal Assistant. Your operators can control the volume, the flow, …
  • Utilities : voice services intended to simplify the life of your operators. Utility SKILLS offer simple calculator functions, or unit conversion for example.
  • Information Research : Voice Assistance services dedicated to the research of information and the manipulation of reference media.
  • Communication : internal communication functions on the work floor. Voice services to help your operators communicate with each other, and to contact an expert if they need help.

Spixify your business software by adding Spix voice services to it.

The program Spixify Your Industry allows you to go from the idea to the deployment of Spix.SKILLS integrated into your business software and applications. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY supports you with an industrial method, and show you the voice.


Press Contact : Laura PALACIN, laura.palacin@simsoft-industry.fr, 05 31 61 85 10 / 06 26 84 55 58

AboutSIMSOFT INDUSTRY(www.simsoft-industry.com & www.spix.ai)

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the first 100% Intelligent Voice Assistant dedicated to Industry 4.0 technicians. The intelligent voice assistantSPIX is operational under industrial conditions of use. The programs « Spixify Your Industry» of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women at the heart of industrial production with assistants specialized in operator voice guidance, the measurement reading, Quality Control, and the hot-structuring their feedback.

SPIX is a trademark and a registered design of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY (INPI Ref : 19 4 528 622 and 19 4 528 627)

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