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Spix.SKILLS par Simsoft industry


Le SKILL FAQ (Frequentyl Asqued Questions / Frequently Asked Questions) allows a user to ask a question and get an answer from a FAQ database provided by the customer.

So that the SKILL is fully functional, it is necessary that the client application gives access to the FAQ base previously established.


This SKILL offers full functionality if the user has a screen to display information. However, no screen is required.


Not applicable


This SKILL requires integration into the client application.

Examples of dialogue scenarios

FAQ, what is the cooking temperature of the hood XZE-332 ?

Cooking temperature: 800° Celsius

How many parts are there in a turbine 900 mega watt ?

There is 1.268 parts in a turbine 900 mega watt.

How to change a switch ?

It exists 3 types of switches: A, Goat ?

It's type B

Take a Phillips screwdriver.
Start with the first screw on your right and then remove the other screws clockwise.

How to change your car ?

I have no answer to this question.

Additional technical information

Voice recognition impact

Requires to generate grammars based on all the questions present in the customer FAQ database.

Impact configuration client

Modification of the FAQ base.

Possible extensions

Not applicable