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The SKILL Explanation allows a user to request an explanation related to the instruction he must follow or the step he must perform and to retrieve a response.

The explanation requested can be of three different natures :

  • Comment ? The answer details how to perform an operation
  • Why ? The answer details why to carry out an operation
  • Or ? The answer details where to carry out an operation.

So that the SKILL is fully functional, the client application must have structured a response for the three types of explanations requested. An answer is a text arrangement, media, documents, plans and K-Psule, presented to the operator in an order that promotes understanding of the response.

  • The SKILL Explanation is linked to the SKILL Instruction and Stage when the user is likely to request an explanation in order to be able to follow the instruction or stage.
  • The SKILL Explanation is linked to the SKILLS Information, photo reader, video player, KM reader, Plan / card or app. When it comes to transmitting the explanation to the operator.


This SKILL offers full functionality if the user has a screen to display information. However, no screen is required.





Photo reader

Video player

KM reader


This SKILL requires integration into the client application.

Examples of dialogue scenarios

Turn the knob 3/4 turn.

What button ?

Check the position of the button on the displayed map.

Disassemble the 4 vis

Why ?

If not, you will not be able to remove the cover in the next steps.

How should I do ?

Take a Phillips screwdriver.
Start with the first screw on your right and then remove the other screws clockwise.
Look at the photo to verify that you are in the indicated condition..

Additional technical information

Voice recognition impact

Not applicable

Impact configuration client

Change in response structure

Possible extensions

Not applicable