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The SKILL Stopwatch allows a user to adjust, start and modify a stopwatch.

A stopwatch can be :

  1. Generic,
  2. Assigned to named element (machine, process, step…),
  3. Present in a work instruction with a setting value. In an integrated mode, the setting value can be retrieved directly from the work instruction.

Several timers can be started and therefore operated simultaneously by the user.


This SKILL offers full functionality if the user has a screen to display information. However, no screen is required.


Not applicable


By default, this SKILL does not require integration into the client application.
For cases 2 and 3, integration into the client application is necessary.

Examples of dialogue scenarios

I want to set a timer

How long ?

1 hour and 25 minutes

OK, stopwatch 1 settled for 1 hour and 25 minutes

Start a stopwatch to 27 minutes

OK, stopwatch 2 launched for 27 minutes

What is the state of the timers ?

Stopwatch 1 waiting
Stopwatch 2: 17 remaining minutes

Start the stopwatch 1

OK, stopwatch 1 launched for 1 hour 25 minutes

Stop the stopwatch 2

Stopwatch 2 stopped at 23 minutes

Stopwatch 1 stopped at 1 hour 25 minutes

I want to set a timer "baking mold" to 12 minutes

OK, stopwatch "Baking mold" rule

Start the stopwatch "baking mold"

Stopwatch "Baking mold" launched for 12 minutes

How much time is left "baking mold"

He stays 7 minutes on "Baking mold"

Pause on "baking mold"

"Baking mold" a break

Resume "baking mold"

"Baking mold" launched for 5 remaining minutes

"Baking mold" completed

Is there a timer for this step ?

This is the drying time timer. It is set to 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

Starts the cooking time timer

Cooking time started for 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

Cooking time finished at 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

Additional technical information

Voice recognition impact

Case 1 (generic) : no

Case 2 (assigned to named item) : need to have nameable elements from the client

Case 3 (already present in a work instruction): no

Impact configuration client

Adding or modifying an element with which a stopwatch can be associated.

Possible extensions

Addition of a large vocabulary ASR to be able to assign a timer to any element