Call to a colleague

Call to a colleague

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The SKILL Call to a colleague allows an operator to make a call to a contact in his list, or dial a phone number.

Calls to a colleague can take two forms:

  • A call using the communication system installed at the same time as the audio equipment used for the use of Voice Assistance.
  • If the call goes through the phone system, only the implementation of the actions of this SKILL can make this SKILL fully functional.

This SKILL can be linked to the SKILL Contacts.


This SKILL offers full functionality if the user has a screen to display information. However, a screen is not essential.


Not applicable


Integration of SKILL in the client application is necessary.

Examples of dialogue scenarios

Can you call philippe ?

Okay, I call Philippe at 05.31.61.XX.YY

I want to join Henri

Henri is connected, call on his intercom ?

Yes, thank you

OK, I call Henri on intercom

Call Patrick

I have three possibilities for Patrick: portable, House, or intercom

On his laptop, please

I call Patrick on his cell

I want to call Carole

I have two contacts: Carole Ramirez or Carole Bertrand

The second

Okay, I call Carole Bertrand

I want to call Jean-Guy

Jean-Guy is offline, i don't have a phone number

So, call 06.07.34.XX.YY

I call Jean-Guy

Additional technical information

Voice recognition impact

Not applicable.

The list of contacts is known.

Calling a phone number by naming known numbers.

Impact configuration client

Adding new contacts

Possible extensions

Not applicable