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Make voice an operational tool for your technicians


Voice Interactions

“Unleashing the Power of Voice to Help Your Technicians at the Workstation”

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY control and operates the majority of software components voice recognition available on the market.

The use of technological solutions in the constrained environment of the industry (noise, network, confidentiality, accents, …) requires special expertise. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY helps you find the best solution for speech recognition for operational use at your technicians' workstations.

Speech recognition gives a voice to our smart assistant SPIX !

voice recognition software

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has unique experience in France with regard to’integration of speech recognition solutions in industrial environment. Taking into account your environmental constraints (ambient noise, dust, ATEX or electromagnetic environment, Securing computer data) as well as those of your operators (Usability at the post, reuse of existing equipment, Management accents, multilingual profiles), we find hardware and software solutions, robust and reliable.

Experience SIMSOFT INDUSTRY relies on implementation of technological benchmarks performed continuously in industry. We have to own a wide range of materials that we offer you during experiments.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has its own dull room equipped with high-fidelity sound equipment, to reproduce the sounds of your work environments and to test the robustness of the couple hardware / software VOGOF system depending on the circumstances.

Industrial environment

“Take into consideration all industrial constraints to integrate an operational tool”

TheVOGOF system meets the technical constraints of your industrial sites :

loud environment

VOGOF is designed for harsh noise environments. In extreme cases, It can be used in conjunction with hearing protection.

Acceptability of operators

VOGOF was designed and developed with an ergonomic approach « user-centric » in cooperation with more than 150 technicians, and more than 15 various industrial sites.

Confidential data

VOGOF manages the « logistics of the last centimeters » between your operators and information systems. All data is managed locally, no external server is required.

network connection 

VOGOF works perfectly offline. 100% usable off-grid.

Integration with the existing

VOGOF integrates naturally into your management tools ERP, MES, CMMS, GAMO, FMS, SCADA

The VOGOF system allows our smart assistant SPIX to be operational on the field !

VOGOF system – Vocally Assisted Operations

Dialog Manager

“Use the working context of your technicians to provide them with effective assistance”

The mastery of a real dialog manager lets move beyond traditional approaches to voice control type as found in warehouse logistics for twenty years.

The idea is to’establish a real exchange between man and machine, based on a semantic analysis About the operator and on the detection / handling underlying concepts. This Intelligent exchange and contextualized the operator's business far beyond the generic dialogue loops present in the current voice servers.

The dialogue manager gives relevance to oursmart assistant SPIX !

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY conducts significant R&D work to develop its own multimodal dialogue manager and fluent APIs and associated documentation. We can develop for you applications that interact not only by voice but different external events manager : sensor measurements, data transmitted over a bus IoT, instructions to robots, content production to an augmented reality means.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY integrates its natural language dialog manager in VOGOF system, to make it more « friendly » towards its users.

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY has received numerous Awards and Recognition for this major innovation for the industry. The dialogue operator participates in the development of’smart agent from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY…  SPIX.

Innovations in Occitan

Smart Professional Assistant

“Helping the operator at the right time in the right place and in the right way, throughout the day”

SPIX proactive smart wizard for industries

L’smart and professional assistant developed by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is called SPIX. It adapts to the operator's working conditions, understands their needs and responds to requests on the ground. His assistant SPIX becomes a workmate

Relying on a powerful natural language dialog manager, he drives a multimodal interface (voice, tactile, text, diagram, photo, video, 3R) and can support advanced optical detection means, the Internet of Things (IoT) or augmented reality (AR). The smart assistant SPIX interacts with document databases, actions or knowledge bases (know how) and is able to bring to the operator a specific help, using the context of his current task..

By exploiting the best’voice interactions, the mission of the smart assistant SPIX is to simplify human-system connection in the increasingly complex digital environment of the industry 4.0 ..