Vogof: an integration of Spix.SKILLS

Système Vogof : une intégration complète de Spix.SKILLS

Instruction de travail digitales guidées par la voix

Vogof system – operational voice support for technicians

TheVocally Assisted Operations (VOGOF) powered by Spix.SKILLSsystem includes all the software, methods and hardware recommendations needed to implement a voice assistant at the workstations of industry technicians.

VOGOF system - operational voice support

Studio Vogof

creating enhanced digital instructions, optimized to be guided by the voice.

Player Vogof

followed digital working instructions by voice, information is lifted by voice, and the generation of field observations.

Ergonomics and hardware study

a study with technicians to ensure the maximum acceptability of the solution and find the most suitable equipment (helmet and microphone).

The Vogof System provides operational assistance to technicians with dedicated functions.

– Vogof helps technicians according to their needs:
Technicians remain responsible for their actions, they use Vogof to help them in the execution of their tasks: how to do, measurement, presentation of photos, …
– Technicians find their business terms in Vogof:
The digital instructions are enriched by the methods office, the business vocabulary is known: technicians use their business words.
– Vogof makes technical interventions safer:
Clearer instructions, contextualized safety alerts and hands-free use reduce the risk of an accident.
– With Vogof, technicians are focused on their tasks:
Technicians interact vocally with Vogof: more keyboards, more mice. The elements of intervention reports are built throughout the course of their tasks.
– Vogof allows you to reassemble more field information:
Technicians can make all their measurement or observational readings by voice, or generate structured field observations guided by their voice assistant.
– Vogof adapts to the level of expertise of technicians:
The information offered by Vogof depends on the level of expertise of the technician. An expert can be very efficient and fast, a novice will be able to access a lot of information to better master his profession.

The Vogof system is operational in difficult industrial environments.

Noisy environment: Vogof is sized for hostile industrial noise environments, it can be used in conjunction with hearing protection.

Operator acceptability: Vogof has been designed and developed in a “user-centric” ergonomics approach in cooperation with more than 200 technicians in more than 15 different industrial trades.

Industrial data: Vogof manages the “last-centimetre logistics” (mouth-to-micro distance) between operators and information systems. All data is managed locally, no external server is required.

Not 100% connected: Vogof’s voice assistant also works in offline mode. Vogof’s voice functions are 100% autonomous.

Integration with the existing: Vogof naturally integrates into your existing management tools ERP, MES, CMMS, FMS, SCADA according to industrial needs.