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Spixify Your Maximo

Operational deployment of Spix.SKILLS for IBM Maximo

Spixify Your Maximo by Simsoft industry

Streamline your asset management with IBM Maximo

… And Spixify Your Maximo to maximize its use by your technicians

The world's leading enterprise asset management solution ensures maximum efficiency of your most critical assets and resources.

IBM Maximo combines the power of IoT data from sensors and machines, and the field knowledge of technicians and operators, to reduce unexpected downtime of your assets, and increase their operational efficiency. With this data, IBM Maximo provides near real-time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, extends the useful life of equipment, improves return on investment, guarantees predictive maintenance, and so postpones new purchases.

IBM Maximo is used for maintenance and inspection by thousands of technicians. This massive use in the field makes it possible to generate structured data flows with high added value for industrial analyzes..

Why Spixify Your Maximo ?

Adding proximity Smart Voice Assistance service to your IBM Maximo expands the capabilities of use of the software by your technicians.

IBM Maximo can be used by operators to help them monitor their tasks. Software installs on tablet or on PC. But…

  • If the operator has safety gloves, using touch mode is complex,
  • If the technician is not in front of the screen, he must go back and forth to fill in his measurements,
  • The tablet is often badly accepted: heavy, bulky, mobilize an arm, …

IBM Maximo is therefore not used to the maximum of its capacity by field technicians. The industrial consequence is that the data collected is not always of good quality, sometimes missing, or poorly structured.

The addition of a Smart Voice Assistance service allows to:

  • Free operators' hands,
  • Make the use of the software simple and natural,
  • Reduce times with low added value using the software,
  • Restore the conficence of your technician with his digital experience.

Extend the scope of use of your IBM Maximo by adding proximity Smart Voice Assistance services, allows the technician to continue using the software 3 meters away, or far from his IT support.

Voice interaction with IBM Maximo becomes natural for your technicians.


You know IBM well, you have used their solutions for several years. The legitimate question you may ask is this :

Why not use IBM's intelligent voice assistant functions like Watson IOT or EMA (Equipment Maintenance Assistant) ?

This is the point, with the Spix.SKILLS we help you to use the maximum of Watson IOT and EMA capabilities !
EMA uses the power of Watson IOT to guide the technician in troubleshooting and decision making. For this purpose, EMA is able to search in manufacturers' documentation, technicians' notes or maintenance history, in order to submit one or more solutions. These solutions are offered with a confidence index. Once the fault has been repaired, the technician in turn will note the assistant, in order to assess the relevance of the proposed solutions and enrich the model.

Such expert system is very powerful, and can now be effectively used by all your technicians on the field, thanks to a simple voice assistant which manages the interface between the operator and the expert system interface. This is what SIMSOFT INDUSTRY and the Spix.SKILLS offer you to do !

The Smart Voice Assistant offered by SIMSOFT INDUSTRY allows you to simplify the interface between your technician and your IBM environment :
logistics of the last centimeters !

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY takes a “user-centric” approach. In other words, all the constraints linked to the position or the working environment are taken into account.. The main constraints are :

  • The noise : a voice assistant must be effective in very noisy industrial environments.
  • The EPIs : audio equipment (Headset) must be compatible with PPE (gloves, helmet, ear plug) already worn by technicians.
  • The network connection : some operations are in "white areas" of the network, in workshop situations or outside inspections.
  • The data confidentiality: the introduction of a Vocal Assistant at the workstation should not introduce security breaches in the management of industrial data.
  • Theoperator acceptability : there is no point in proposing a technology that is not adopted by technicians and considered as a real working tool.

The added value of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY consists in taking into account all of these constraints, all available technologies, and provide an operational solution coupled with IBM Maximo at the workstation.

Principle of integration with IBM Maximo

The interface between the Intelligent Voice Assistant “Spix.IBM” of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY and the software EAM / CMMS solution of IBM Maximo is done by delegation.

The principle of delegation is simple:

  • Your technicians remain masters of the game with IBM Maximo who manages their interventions, the list of instructions, their identification: all the tasks that must be carried out in the field.
  • When they want, they can ask IBM Maximo to “to delegate l’interface” of these instructions to their Voice Assistant “Spix.IBM”.
  • From now on, Spix.IBM takes knowledge of the context tasks to be performed (tasks, taking measurements, observations, conformity, …) and offers a “tunnel vocal” your technicians to allow them to work remotely from the physical IT support and the IBM Maximo interface.
  • At the request of your technicians, or at a stopping point defined in the work instruction, Spix.IBM ends delegation, gives back the whole vocal context at IBM Maximo.

The interface is performed at the level of the IBM Maximo thin client in order to ensure greater compatibility of Spix.IBM's voice interactions with the back office of IBM Maximo.


Demonstration of services Spix.IBM in IBM Maximo : the operator cannot see his screen, he performs all his operations guided by the Vocal Assistant and checks his report at the very end of the intervention.

  • The work instruction is mastered by IBM Maximo. During the delegation, this intervention context is transmitted to Spix.IBM.
  • During the intervention, the operator also uses additional services such as a stopwatch for example.
  • The information collected by Spix.IBM by voice is transmitted in real time to IBM Maximo.

Plan d'action

The Programme Spixify Your Maximo aims to quickly deploy Voice Assistance services in your maintenance application IBM Maximo, by ensuring the acceptability of your technicians.

  • steps 1 : Understanding and specifying the requirement
  • steps 2 : Integration of selected SKILLS
  • steps 3 : Field experimentation with your technicians
  • steps 4 : Operational deployment with your CIO

For further...

Why not let all your technicians take advantage of the power of IBM ?

IBM Watson and EMA are fabulous forecasting tools, decision support, to answer questions from your technicians. To make them available to your technicians in the field, Spix.IBM functions can be extended with an interface to IBM Watson.