Spix.ME : measurement by voice

Measurement report and compliance check using a voice assistant

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Why choose Spix.ME ?


Guide, to alert, avoid security breaches. Limit trips to and from the computer station.


Free operators' hands, improve working comfort. Reconcile with the use of digital tools.


Reliability of measurement readings, compliance statements and field observations. Report information in real time.


Reduce operator tasks with low added value, eliminate the time of "recopy" measurement, of conformity ...

For which trades ?

Quality control

Control is a technical act to determine the conformity of a product. To perform a control on a product, we must first determine the characteristics and choose the limits or tolerances within which the product conforms. These limits must be known by the "controller" who will carry out the control.

The quality controller verifies and certifies the conformity of the manufactured parts and raw materials with respect to the technical documentation. He intervenes at all stages of the production line. The quality controller also analyzes the conditions for retouching or rejecting a product.

It also implies that after the technical act of control, a decision be made regarding compliance :

  • compliant product
  • non-conforming product which must be rejected
  • non-conforming product that can be touched up
  • non-conforming product which may be accepted as an exception.


It is a product control mission, of an installation or process, in order to guarantee their compliance with the selected standards. An inspector ensures as well as the product, the installation or process complies with legal obligations and quality standards laid down.

  • The main inspection activities are :
    Gather and use the equipment necessary for the inspection and application of the work and safety instructions and procedures.
  • Inspect equipment and products at the site of the operation (quick scan, cleanliness inspection, weight control, quantitative and qualitative control, contaminant analysis…).
  • Follow the different procedures according to the contracts and rules set in the reference document (s), respecting the principles of ethics and integrity necessary to ensure the independence of the inspection.
  • Write and transmit targeted and dated field reports and documents relating to the mission as required.

How Spix.ME works ?

Mode "at office"

Spix.ME “at office” aims to provide operators with a means of navigation in a measurement work instruction, compliance observation and control. The operator can have an overview of his work instruction when he is close to his IT support.

He can take his measurements, voice compliance monitoring and review, or in classic keyboard / mouse / touch mode.

Mode "en route"

When he has no physical access to his IT support, Spix.ME «en route» allows an operator to enter a “tunnel vocal” to go up his measurements, compliance and observations. Its voice interaction is supported by a visual interface visible from a distance (3 to 5 m) IT support.

In a voice tunnel Spix.ME “en route”, the operator accesses :

  • Professional voice services for measurement reading, compliance and observations,
  • A set of utilities accessible by voice that will help him in the accomplishment of his task.

Operational tool

Spix.ME is used operationally, on workstations of “Spixers partners”. The software + hardware combination is robust in very noisy environments, and compatible with PPE already in place.

Spix.ME is an embedded solution: no network connection, no internet access, no transit of business data outside the company. Your measurement or compliance control data is therefore secure.

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The online purchase is made through our business partner ODOO (www.odoo.com). You will be asked for an identifier and contact details to ensure delivery. Payment can be made by credit card or by bank transfer.