SIMSOFT champion INDUSTRY Industrial Performance

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY winner EDF Pulse Occitan prices 2017, “Industrial performance” category”

SimSoft Industry distingué au prix EDF Pulse Occitanie
All winners EDF Pulse Occitan, Franck Darthou (EDF Occitan) to the left

EDF launched in September 2016, the first edition, assistance EDF Pulse 2017 in Occitan.

 “Today is a great day for our 7 finalists and among them, our three winners. From there and with the support of EDF, their project will be able to take a greater extent. Financial rewards, an accompanying EDF, and as a regional and national visibility will allow the winners to dream bigger. This contest will allow them to have a better visibility among potential local investors, regional and national. ”,Explain Gilles CAPY, Regional delegate EDF in Occitan.

The EDF Pulse award is dedicated to start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the Occitan region 7 cities stages. At stake, the possibility of experimenter-size for 7 finalists,  and staffing 10.000 euros 3 winners. This will allow seedlings to grow and innovate in the territory. The first edition was a great success, with over 80 applications. There were 40 start-up visits to EDF sites.

EDF Trophy Pulse Occitan
EDF Trophy Pulse Occitan

“The entire SIMSOFT INDUSTRY team takes great pride in being the winner of this EDF Pulse Occitanie award, category Industrial performance. This legitimate distinguish our approach d & rsquo; innovation for the & rsquo operators; the future of industry. It also supports the products we develop d & rsquo; proactive and intelligent assistants, guided by voices, service technicians. I want to thank all EDF employees in that region we met during this adventure. Their availability proves their commitment to this innovation process. ”, highlighted André Joly, CEO SIMSOFT INDUSTRY.

Discount prices to EDF Pulse Occitan 2017 Nadia Pelfigue (region) and Franck Darthou (EDF)
Discount prices to EDF Pulse Occitan 2017 Nadia Pellefigue (region) and Franck Darthou (EDF)

The 23 February, under the control of Franck DARTHOU, Director EDF hydro generation Southwest (to the left), André Joly and Philippe Crespin receive hands Nadia Pellefigue, Vice President Occitan region (In the center), EDF Pulse prices 2017 for SimSoft Industry in the category “Industrial performance“.

The adventure continues between EDF and SIMSOFT INDUSTRY with the realization of a POC DOC (proof of concept project) for the & rsquo; d & rsquo integration; proactive virtual assistants guided by the voice for maintenance technicians hydroelectric production sites in Occitan. To be continued …

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SIMSOFT INDUSTRY is a Young Innovative Company (JEI), AI player in France, which designs and develops Intelligent Voice Assistant for industry. Developments SIMSOFT INDUSTRY reposition men and women at the heart of Industry 4.0, and participate in’improving industrial performance in Europe.

Intelligent assistants and proactive voice of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY specialize in voice guides operations, and effective returns on experience. They rely on the expertise of SIMSOFT INDUSTRY on capitalization and transmission of knowledge and feedback.

Since its creation in 2013, SIMSOFT INDUSTRY conduit R effort&D to develop operational solutions and provide businesses with tools adapted to the production of business : fabrication, assembly, maintenance, and exploitation. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY conducts its developments with a dual technological and societal approach, the introduction of social sciences and ergonomics early in the requirements specification.

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