SMARTKIT powered by SPIX

SmartKIT Vogof

Experiment the benefits of a smart voice assistant for your technicians !



Quality Control


SmartKit Vogof

“expérimenter la voix dans vos usines

SmartKit Vogof concentrates the best technology from SIMSOFT INDUSTRY and allows to experiment smart voice assistant skills with your technicians of production, quality control, metrology and maintenance.

“Permettez à vos techniciens de vivre une expérience vocale !”

SmartKit Vogof

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The SmartKit VOGOF package contains:

  • A hardened case
  •  A tablet with hardened shell
  • A wired headset
  • An instruction sheets editor
  • An instruction sheet of your business
  • A month of service for work instruction creation
  •  1 year of Vogof licence leasing (Voice Guided Operations on the Field, powered by SPIX).
    *detailed specifications on request / quotation on request

Learn more about the SmartKit Vogof

SmartKit Vogof may be completed with thematic studies of ergonomics and materials. Such studies are necessary to prepare the operationnal deployment and be adopted by your operators in their working environment. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY owns a unique expertise in the integration of voice interfaces in complex industrial environments.

Further work can be done with the office methods and management information systems to integrate this tool into your internal system.