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eXtend skills

Extend your existing business application with smart voice assistant skills


and CMMS



eXtend skills – l’assistance vocale intégrée à vos logiciels métier

Combine the power of a smart voice assistant with your business tools to simplify the use of your applications for your technicians, rapidly introduce a breakthrough innovation in your working processes, and maximize your return on investment.
eXtend improves the use of your existing business applications : voice interaction eliminates the need for a physical support, touch screen or mouse are not needed any more. Your technicians discover a new way of interaction with your existing business applications, keeping his hands free focused on his duty.

« photo ©Vallourec 2019 »

eXtend enables to increase the usability of existing applications (and CMMS, ERP, MES, EAM) by adding smart voice assistant skills on critical function. :


  • eXtend integrates within your already validated process,
  • eXtend fits with your business vocabulary,
  • eXtend leverages your existing validated instructions,
  • eXtend reduces the low added value working time,
  •  eXtend releases the hands and eyes of your technicians,
  • eXtend understands your technicians : they can work…

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eXtend provides smart voice assistance skills to key functions of your existing business applications :

  • Navigating within a work instruction,
  •  Search functions and media manipulation,
  • Business dictionnary access,
  • Operations FAQ,
  • Voice guided workig instructions :
    – tasks and steps validation,
    – qualitative measurement (observation)
    – quantitative measurement (numbers)
  •  Transmission of safety instructions,
  •  Ground trought report (REX elements),
  • Decision assistance system, decision tree manipulation,
  • Additional common voice assistance skills.
Example eXtend services integrated with IBM Maximo software (image ©IBM 2019)
eXtend integrated into a professional software dedicated to tunneling drivers (image ©Bouygues 2019)

eXtend works in your industrial working environment:

  • Noisy working environment
  • On premise installation, 100% embedded
  • Installed on standard hardware, hardened, ATEX,..
  •  Headsets and microphone adapted to the constraints of your technicians
  • Windows, IOS and Android compatible