Intelligent human-machine interfaces that use voice

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY et SPOON participent aux conférences thématiques de Robotics Place

Robotics Place has set up Techno Tuesdays to share with you the new technologies that we are implementing in robotics and in the industry of the Future. Every Tuesday, from May 18 to June 15, we invite you to discover a topic. On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, the topic was:

Intelligent Human – Machine Interfaces that use voice … but not only …

Organized by the Robotics Placecluster, this conference brings together high-ranking experts to address this exploratory topic of the interfaces of the future:

Press Contact: André JOLY,, 05 31 61 85 10 / 06 25 17 27 94


SIMSOFT INDUSTRY develops the first Intelligent Vocal Assistant 100% dedicated to technicians and field operators in the industry. SIMSOFT INDUSTRY puts men and women back at the heart of industrial production and maintenance with voice assistants specializing in operator voice guidance, measurement, quality control, and hot structuring of their feedback.